Friday, August 24, 2018


Build up first; 3 working sets
A1 Back Squat; rest 30-60 sec
Build up to a tough set of 5, heavier than previous weeks, 
at that weight: 
perform your 1st set of 5 reps, 
then a 2nd set of 5 reps, 
then an AMRAP at the end

A2. Rope Climbs, rest 60-90 sec
[sub to prone row]
F: Rope Pulls from ground x5
P: Rope Climb w/legs x2-3 reps
S: Legless Rope Climb x2; ADAP [as difficult as possible]


One Set every 3 min for 12 min; 
Run 200m + 
15x Pull Up + 
15x OHS
score is slowest round

F: Jumping Pull Up + KB Front Squat
P: 95/65 + Chin over bar pull up
S: 135/95# + CtB Pull Up