Wednesday, August 22, 2018


3 Sets for Quality:
A1. Single Leg DL x8 reps each or Single leg cross body DL x8 reps each leg

F: 2DB Row + 2DB DL x8 reps
P/S: Build

A2. Hollow Rock to pistol x3 each side for skill
F: Hollow rock to Deck Squat
P/S: Hollow rock to pistol

A3. Zercher Lunge x5 each leg; build
F: KB Lunge
P/S: build


For time; 
Run 800m
10x KBS
10x T2B
10x KB Lunge [5/5 each leg]
Run 400m
20x KBS
20x T2B
20x KB Lunge [10/10 each leg]
Run 100m
30x KBS
30x T2B
30x KB Lunge [15/15 each leg]

F: Russian KBS + Sit Up + Bwt Lunge
P: As rx; hold KB in center of chest
S: 70/53# KBS + Single Arm KB OH Lunge