Tuesday, August 21, 2018


A1. Strict Press; 
Build to a 5RM
All Groups; 

then go to A2
A2. Drop Set; Strict Press
take 75% of A & perform max reps unbroken
[can rest in front rack]
all groups

then go to A3
A3. Drop Set; Strict Press
Take 50% of A & perform max reps unbroken
all groups


 Lactic Power
1 min on, 2 min off; 
high effort per station
start at any station; 
score is cals + reps combined; 

1. Row for Cal 

2. DB Hang Power Snatch

3. Airbike for Cal
[or row again, or shuttle run]

4. Burpee Box Jump Over

F: Burpee + Slam Ball
P: 50/35# + 24/20" BBJO
S: 70/50# + 30/24"