Monday, August 20, 2018


A. Clean Complex
One Set Every 2min for 12min (6 sets)
1 x Clean Extension + 1 x Hang Squat Clean + 1 x Squat Clean
Build to a tough set

F: 3 x Hang clean extension + 3 x Hang power cleans + 3 x Front squat (or 8x Front squat @32x1)
P/S :as Rx

B. Front Squat 1+1/4
3 singles at a tough set you can do for all 3 sets 

F: Front squat; 5 reps @32x1 tempo @moderate load
P/S: Build to 3 tough singles 


8min AMRAP
Unbroken Wall Balls
*Every break = 100m Run
Score is total wall ball Unbroken

F: Light Load
P: 20/14
S: 30/20 or 2 for 1 wall ball