Saturday, August 18, 2018


3 rounds:
[only 3 working sets] build up first 

A1. Back Squat; Rest 30-60 sec

- Build up to 80% of your current 1RM Back Squat
perform 5 reps, then 5 reps, then an AMRAP
at the end

F: 8-8-8 @30x1 tempo [build up first]

P/S: as rx

A2. Rope Climbs; rest 60-90 sec
[sub to prone row]

F: Rope Pulls from ground x3-4 reps for quality

P: Rope Climb w/legs x2 reps

S: Legless Rope Climb x2


Quarter Gone Bad [CFFB]

In teams of 2: P1: 0-15 sec, 
P2; 30-45 sec, then rotate; 

5 Rounds For Total Reps in 15 minutes
15 seconds Thrusters (135/95 lb)
45 seconds Rest
15 seconds Weighted Pull-Up (50/30 lb)
45 seconds Rest
15 seconds Burpees
45 seconds Rest - go back to Thruster

Score is your individual score + reps combined; 
compare to June 1

F: 2DB Thruster + Ring Row

P: as rx; scale weight DOWN for this one as needed

S; 185/115# + Weighted Chest To Bar