Monday, August 13, 2018


4 rounds:
- one set every 4 min for 16 min

6 Strict HSPU
12 2DB Seated DB Press
20 DB Overhead Tricep Extension
or Banded Tricep Pull Down

F: 5x Seated DB Press + 10x + 15x 

P: Strict or assisted HSPU/piked off box

S: Deficit HSPU



4 sets; 17 min

30 sec per movement x3 movements; 
no rest to transition; 
rest 3 min after all 3 movements are complete

Row or Bike for Cal
DB Power Snatch alt arms
Lateral Burpee Box Jump Over

F: Slam Ball or Russian KBS

P: 50/35#

S: 70/55#

*score is total cals + reps*
- push hard & earn the pain cave!
*Scale load DOWN if you can't go unbroken
for the 30 sec in terval 

- In groups of 3, P1 does 90 sec, 
then P2 does 90 sec, then P3 does 90 sec
then P1 is up again