Thursday, July 5, 2018


Part A:
Split Jerk

- Build to a tough single rep; one rep every 2 min for 12-14 min

F: Push Press, 5 reps w/1 second hold overhead for technique

P/S: build to a tough single rep

Part B:
3 Rounds

1. Dragon Fly, 5 reps; slow eccentric; rest 30 sec

F: Hollow Rock hold, 20-30 sec

P/S: Dragon Flag x5 reps w/4-5 second eccentric,

2. Filly Press

3x8 each arm; 31x1 tempo; build, rest 60 sec

F: Seated DB Press, 8 each arm


"American Pie"

21-15-9; reps for time

Single Arm DB Push Press each