Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Buns & Guns

3 Rounds

1. 2DB Hammer Curl, 8-10 reps; @ 30x1 tempo; arms together
- all groups

2. Single Leg Glute Bridge, 8-10 reps each leg
- hold 1 second at the top

P/S: unweighted or w/ load


"Runnin' on Empty"

10 min AMRAP
200m Run + 
Max Rep Strict Pull Up

rest 5 min

10 min AMRAP
200m Run + max rep
Strict HSPU

F: Ring Row/ Seated 2DB Press

P: Strict Pull Ups + Strict HSPU [or piked off box]

S: Strict Ring Muscle Up + Strict 3/1.5" Deficit HSPU

*Score is total reps combined from both AMRAP. Enter in Notes the breakdown for each AMRAP*