Wednesday, June 27, 2018


"The Bear Complex"

In 20 minutes, complete 5 sets of:

5 cycles through of:

Power Clean + 
Front Squat + 
Shoulder to Overhead + 
Back Squat + 
Shoulder to Overhead

*5 cycles = 1 set*
*touch & go*
*resting the bar on the ground/dropping bar = 10 burpee penalty on the
spot before picking the bar back up to finish the set*

- You must go up in load each set

F: working up; using a Barbell or 2DB's
5 Front Squat + 5 Push Press + 5 Back Squat + 5 Push Press = 1 set, perform 5 sets

P/S: as Rx


5 min AMRAP:

1k row for time

-remaining time is max rep Double Unders

F: Row 500m for time + remaining time is max single unders

P/S: As rx; go for it!