Friday, June 15, 2018


A. In 15 min, build up quickly, then:
Deadlift : 3x3 across @ last weeks moderate set of 3

F: 5 reps across 2020 tempo at last weeks heaviest

P/S: 3x3 across; no tempo

B. 3 sets:
*3rd set is burnout set [aka, max reps with same load]*

B1. Prone Rows 

F: 2DB Bent Over Row, 8 reps

P/S: 5 reps; sets across from last week

F: Tall Kneeling 2DB Press, 8-10 reps

P: Strict HSPU, 6-9 reps - increasing reps each set

S: Strict Defecit HSPU, 5 reps


Row or Bike:

Row 150m for time, 3-4 sets;  rest 2-3 min btw. sets
*score is highest & lowest output*

Airbike: 30 sec for Max Cals, 3-4 sets; rest 2-3 min btw. sets

*This is your WOD for today, go for it!*