Thursday, June 14, 2018


4 Rounds:
1. Zercher Lunge
- 5 reps each leg

F: KB Box Step Up, 8 each leg

P/S: Build to tough set of 5 each leg, alternating legs; 30x1 tempo

2. 2KB OH Carry
- 50-75' length

All Groups: Adjust load as needed



Full Tabata at each station (19 mins)
*score is total reps combined*

1. Toes to Bar

F: Sit Up

P/S: T2B

Rest 1 min 

2. Airbike for Cal or Sled Sprint 

*sled = 1pt every 10'*

F: Light/empty

P: Moderate

S: tough but moveable

rest 1 min 

3. 2KB OH Lunge

F: KB Lunge

P/S: Adjust load as needed
- Sport goal to get to 53/35# each hand

Rest 1 min 

4. Row for Cal

All groups

Rest 1 min
- start at worst station and rotate through