Saturday, May 5, 2018


3 Rounds:

Functional BB for quality

1. Single Leg/Single Arm RDL, 8 each leg
[or single leg landmine RDL]

2. 10 Single Arm DB Floor Press


"Cinco de Mayo 2018"

20 min AMRAP:
- In teams of 3, waterfall style
(P1, then P2, then P3 goes, then go to next movement)

1. 5 Power Clean

F: Slam Ball or Light Hang Power Clean
P: 135/95#
S: 185/125#

2. 5 Burpee Box Jump Over

F: Low Box
P: 24/20"
S: 30/24"

3. 5 Strict Pull Up

F: Ring Row
P: Strict/assisted [can be kipping if you like
S: Strict CtB 

4. 5 Ring Dip

F: Push Up
P: Ring Dip
S: Strict Ring Dip

5. 5 Cal Row/AirBike

All groups