Thursday, May 31, 2018


Max handstand walk/Hold

F: Wall Facing Handstand Hold [sub down to plank as needed]

P/S: max unbroken HS Walk - best distance of attempts


"Constant Variance"
-Re-test from start of cycle

In 35 min, go as far as you can in the following:

a. 100m run [or Airbike  10/8 Cal]
b. 15 KB Swings [53/35#]
c.15  Box Jump + Step Down
d. 15 Sit Ups
e. 15 DB Power Snatch [alt arms - total reps]
f. 150 Row

**rest 90 sec** 
start at any station

F: Light Russian KBS + Box Step Up or Jump, + DB hang power snatch

P/S: As rx

*goal is to get as many rounds as possible here*