Tuesday, April 17, 2018


A. In 10 min:
- build up to a 10RM OHS
(should be 3-4 sets total)
F: 10RM DB/KB or BB Front Squat  

P: 10RM OHS from rack

S: 10RM Close Grip OHS

B. In no more than 10 min:
3 sets:

B1. Half Kneeling SA Bottoms Up Press
- Build to a tough 5 rep each arm

rest 30 sec

F. 5 reps at 21X1 tempo

P/S. Buld to a 5RM

B2. Chainsaw Row
- Build to a 10RM each arm
(DB must hit the floor each rep)

rest 60 sec

F/P/S: All groups


"Fat Lip"

6 min AMRAP 

100m Run High Effort
10 Single Arm KB Lunge [total steps]
10 Pull Ups

F: BWT Lunge +  Jumping Pull UP

P: 3 Strict Pull Up or [Ring row] + 7 Kipping

S: SA OH Walking Lunge + Strict Pull Ups