Wednesday, April 11, 2018


4 rounds for quality:

A1. Single Arm Cross Body RDL
4 x 8-10 each side
rest 30 sec
A2. 50 ' Single Arm OH Carry, each arm
rest 60 sec

F/P/S: all groups


"Small Doses"
3 sets: 30 sec max efforts
*High effort pace, earn your rest*

1. Dips, max reps
F: Box Dips/Assisted Dips
P: Ring Dips
S: Ring Muscle Ups 

rest 1 min

2. Max calories Bike/Row

rest 1 min

3. KBS, max reps
F. Light WB for continuous work, Russian Swings [light]
P. 53/35# KB
S. Heavy WB + 70/53# KB

rest 1 min (back to dips for next round)

*score is total of cals plus reps, but note each exercises total reps*
ex. 30 dips + 30 cals + 30 KBS = score of 90


Side Plank
2 x 30 seconds, each side