Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Weighted Supinated Pull Ups (palms in)
5 Sets of 3-5 reps every 2 mins for 10 mins

F. Pull Up Negatives or Ring Rows (30X0 tempo)
P. Weighted Pull Ups or Negatives (5 reps 30A0 tempo)
Note: For every rep you cannot get weighted or at bodyweight, perform the remaining reps as supinated grip negatives (ie: you get 1 strict PU then you'd do 2-4 reps of negatives.
S. As Rx (build)


Tabata (total reps each station)
1. Row for Cals/Airbike for Cals

rest 1 min

2. Toes to Bar
F: Sit Ups
P: as Rx (If you have any grip issues from 18.5, go to V-Ups)
S: Strict T2B

rest 1 min

3. Double Unders
F: Fast Singles
P/S: as Rx

rest 1 min

4. 2 Dumbbell Seated Press
Adjust load

(Start at worst station & rotate through)