Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Thrusters: Build up to a 3 rep max from a rack.
F: 5 Front Squat + 5 Push Press (all front squats then all push presses)
P/S: build to tough set of 3 rep thrusters


15 Minute Alternating EMOM (Start at your worst station and rotate through the rest)
1. 10/8 Calorie Row/Airdyne (high effort)
F: 8/6 Cals
P: as RX
S: 12/10 Cals

2. 10-12 Thrusters
F: 2DB Thruster or light barbell
P: 95/65#
S: 115/75#

3. 10-12 Chest-To-Bar Pull Ups
F: 8-10 Ring Rows or Kipping Pull Up practice
P: 10-12 reps for quality
S: 12-15 Chest-To-Bar Pull Ups

Score is your lowest at each station in any 1 round


3x15 Hammer Curl +
3x15 Standing Reverse Fly