Thursday, December 6, 2018


3 Sets:

A1. SL Squat - for skill practice/balance

F: DB Reverse Lunge

P: Pistol practice x5 each leg

S: Weighted pistol x5 each leg

A2. UB Pull: Ring Row:

AMRAP -2; [just short of failure] 1010 tempo:

F: as rx - 1010 tempo

P/S: Feet Elevated Ring Row; 1010



7 min AMRAP;

15x Box Jump/Step Down +

10x DB Reverse Lunge total steps

5x DB Man Maker [same load used for Lunge]

2 min Rest then REPEAT!

goal is to beat your score from first set

on 2nd set

F: 12x Box Jump + 8x Lunge total + 4x DB ManMaker

P: As rx; Moderate load

S: As rx; tough load