Monday, December 17, 2018


A. 1RM Back Squat in 15 min

Build to 1RM

F: 5RM: 30x1

P/S: Find 1Rm

**Optional 85% of A for Max reps unbroken -

85% of today's 1RM for max reps **Optional**

B. Weighted Pull Up; in 10 min

Build to 1RM

F: Max Chin Over Bar hold x3 or

Ring Row; max reps; 1010 tempo x3

P: Strict Weighted Pull Up;

if they cannot - perform max reps strict

S: Strict CtB Weighted Pull Up



All Groups:

500m row for time

or 4 sets;

30 sec on/off for max meters (keep track of highest meters rowed)