Saturday, November 3, 2018


Team/Partner WOD;

All Groups:

1 person working at a time, 1 piece of equip per group

1. In 10 min;

in teams of 3; build to a tough single rep strict press

each person - 1 bar per group - must change out weights

[just 1 person lifting at a time]

1 pt per total weight lifted

rest 2 min

IN 8 min

In teams of 3

row for max calories [1 pt per cal]

rest 2 min

in 6 min

Max rep V-Ups

F: Sit Up

rest 2 min

in 4 min

max 10m shuttle run

1 person running at a time; every 10m is 1 pt.

In 2 min

Max rep 45/25# overhead walking lunge

1 pt per rep - all people can go at same time