Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Sumo Deadlift;

Build to 5RM

F: 8RM; 2020 tempo

can be clean grip DL or Sumo DL

P/S: 5RM; 2020 tempo SumoDL


"Up Up and Away"

10 min AMRAP

Climbing Ladder;

1x 1DB Power snatch Each arm +

1x 1DB OH Lunge Each leg

1x 1DB Overhead Sit Up

Then Increase by 1 rep after each round

F: 1x Russian KBS + 1x KB Lunge each leg + 1x Sit Up

P: as rx;

S: 2KB Power Snatch + 2kb OH Lunge + 2KB OH Sit Up

will not be super heavy