Monday, October 22, 2018


A. 15min EMOM (5 Sets); rotating through

A1. back Squat x6-8; Build

F: 6-8 reps; 30x1

P: 5 reps 30x1

S: 5 reps; 30x1

A2. Strict Pull Up x4-5 reps; Build

F: Eccentric x4-5 reps; 3 seconds down; 30A1

P: Strict Pull Up x4-5 reps; weighted if possible;


S: Strict Pull Up x4-5 reps; weighted; 30x1

A3. L-Sit: 20 seconds Cumulative

F: Tuck Hold

P: L-Sit

S: V-Sit or L-SIt


"High Speed"

7 min AMRAP

Row 1k/Run 800m/Bike 30/24 Cal

for buy in,

remaining time is

Ladder of

1, Front Squat

1x Pull Up

2 &2, 3&3, etc, etc

score is the highest number you get to

F: 750m Row, 600m Run, or 25/20 Cal Bike + KB Front Squat/Ring Row

P: 95/65# + Chin Over Bar Pull Ups

S: 135 + Bar Muscle Ups