Welcome to LiveFit 310. This is a 4 week Nutrition challenge designed to instigate the change you’re looking for.

Cost: $99 (4 Weeks)

It's November already! Summer is gone, and like so many people, you've still got goals for the year ahead.  November is coming and it’s not too late to for the greatest personal changes to begin. Get ready for a serious plan of attack, and the most generous way to start.

Want to lose weight and feel great? Want to tone up, get faster, stronger and look more athletic while you're becoming more athletic? Then join our LiveFit 310 Challenge!

It's a game that starts November 12th and lasts four weeks.

You will track Nutrition, Water, Sleep, and workouts on a point system.  We'll make it a game, and you'll play with other people working on the same things you are. Like everything else at 310, Strength In Numbers will impact you.

We're going to give you a plan to Eat (actual meal plans and shopping lists). 

We're going to have weekly meet ups so you can get questions answered and be inspired by people playing the game with you.

We're gonna give you a Facebook page and weekly prizes that anyone can win just by participating.

We're gonna give you T-shirt (and not a crappy free Tshirt that you'll never wear, but a Tshirt you love!)

We're gonna have phone call accountability and text accountability available...how? Because best of all...

We're gonna give you a Coach to take you though this.  Jen McMahon, Health Coach/Fitness Coach is going to partner with you through this month.  It is likely you will never have this kind of access to a nutrition coach, for this long, at this rate.  This is awesome.

LiveFit Fall 2018 Starts November 12th and runs through December 10th. You will track Nutrition, Water, Sleep, and workouts on a point system.

The whole goal is to learn how to improve your weaknesses. It's not a white knuckle event (which never ends well), but an excuse to experiment and crowdsource, and be personally coached through the best ways to overcome your own personal sticking points. We're all busy- and we end up operating on less than ideal nutrition, hydration, and recovery--all of which impact our overall well-being. That's where LiveFit 310 comes in.

Some of you may need motivation to "reset" and get back on track. Others might be looking to learn new ways to improve your health, or just fit into a specific pair of jeans. Whatever your personal goals, LiveFit will help you commit to achieving them through personal accountability and a support network.

$99 buy in to register. Registration get you:

A nutrition coach

A LiveFit t-shirt

A chance to win awesome weekly prizes

Sample meal plans and recipes

Workout help (you do not have to be a member of CrossFit 310 to play!)

Unlimited LiveFit tips and advice!

An Excuse to finally start and stop putting your food and fitness off!